54. How You Can Use Artificial Intelligence in Market Research

Besides being an EVP of Advanced Analytics at Dig, Joel Anderson is also our true in-house AI expert. In today’s episode, Joel discusses everything AI and why he loves it, use cases for AI in market research and beyond, cool tools Joel and his team built at Dig, and the future of AI and ethical questions it will raise.
This week we’re digging into Artificial Intelligence (AI). And what better person to talk to about this topic than Joel Anderson, our EVP and a true AI expert?

As a leader of our Advanced Analytics department, Joel has helped push automation to the next level at Dig. Together with his innovation team, Joel leverages AI to develop tools that can aid insights pros in everyday research needs. Besides that, Joel is also doing a Masters degree in Applied AI - we told you, he’s an expert.

Tune in to this episode to learn:
• How Joel defines AI and why he loves it
• How AI can be used in market research and beyond
• Idea generation, natural language processing and other cool things Joel and his team built at Dig
• What Joel thinks about the future of AI and ethical questions it will raise

Thanks to Joel for sitting down with us. 

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