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Cattie Khoury - Founder of Toodaloo on Saving the Planet with Trail Mix

Cattie Khoury, the founder of Toodaloo, talks about healing the body and planet through regenerative agriculture, working with the right agency to perfect your new brand’s image and packaging, and how you can make the world a better place through entrepreneurship.

Fernando Arendar, Founder @ Nitid Studio, Debunks Packaging Design Myths & Unpacks Neuropackaging

Fernando Arendar from Nitid Studio talks about his passion for branding and packaging, his love for the US market & consumers, neuropackaging and most popular packaging myths.

Tyler Phillips @ Hummii Snacks on Blending New & Nostalgic Marketing to Build a Snack Ecosystem

Tyler Phillips, founder of Hummii Snacks, discusses blending nostalgia with new marketing tactics, his transition from accounting to becoming a founder of a plant-based CPG, and how NFTs might work for CPG brands

Lisa Virgini @ Mondelēz on How Business Acumen Makes For Better Insights

Lisa Virgini, Senior Manager Consumer Insights at Mondelēz International, discusses the power of leveraging experts, why there is no turnkey solution, and her journey into starting her own consultancy.

Sylvie Pelletier on Strategic Alignment & What Makes a Great Leader

Sylvie Pelletier, Leadership development consultant and coach, discusses what makes a great leader, what an organization’s culture really means, and how many companies fall short when instituting a new strategy.

Erin Cohen @ Tim Hortons on how Research Informs the Customer Journey

Erin Cohen, Director, Consumer Insights at Tim Hortons, discusses the back-to-basics approach she’s spearheading at Tim Hortons, how consumers’ routines changed because of the pandemic, and how foundational research informs the customer journey.

Doug Healy @ PepsiCo On Why Insights is Strategy and the Importance of Foundational Research

Doug Healy, Senior Director, Consumer Insights for Gatorade at PepsiCo, discusses the similarities between insights professionals and architects, the importance of foundational research, and changing the perception of what it means to be part of an insights team.

Marcie Connan @ Dig Insights on How Inflation Impacts Your Consumers

Marcie Connan, Executive Vice President at Dig Insights, led a study to find out the ins and outs of how inflation is actually impacting consumers. Ian sat down with Marcie to discuss consumers’ emotional and behavioral responses to inflation, some of the most impacted and resilient product categories, and more.

Marat Fleytlikh @ Kraft Heinz on the Future of Consumer Insights in CPG

Marat Fleytlikh, Associate Director, Consumer Insights at The Kraft Heinz Company, is an industry legend. Meagan sat down with Marat to discuss how Kraft Heinz is “walking the talk,” the art and science behind insights, and being an enabler versus a barrier.

Dig Insights’ Founders on the History of Dig Insights and Upsiide, Business Lessons, and the Future of Market Research

Dig Insights’ founders Paul Gaudette (CEO, Dig Insights), Michael Edwards (Chief Growth Officer), Ian Ash (President, Upsiide), and Dominic Atkinson (President, Dig Insights) are in the hot seat this week. Meagan sits down with them to discuss the recent refresh of Dig Insights and Upsiide. The four founders look back at some fond memories from the last 12 years, and each one shares meaningful moments and lessons learned from starting a market research agency.

Richard Ng @ Advanced GG on Marketing in the Supplement Space, Creating a Differentiated Brand and Finding a Winning Package Design

Richard Ng is probably one of the smartest guys we know, who also happens to be an expert in marketing, PR and market research. As a Marketing Director at Advanced GG, a performance supplement brand for gamers, business professionals and beyond, Richard leverages his market research experience to lead Advanced’s marketing strategy. Ian sat down with Richard to talk about all things marketing and insight within the CPG and supplements landscape, as well as discuss the project Advanced did with Dig and Upsiide.

Ed @ Olipop on Omnichannel Distribution & A New Way of Measuring Success

We’ve brought Ed, Category & Business Insights Manager @ Olipop, back on the pod this week. Last time we covered hot topics for a growing CPG business like flavor innovation, gathering insights, and building teams. This time, we go team into omnichannel distribution and why it makes up the backbone of their business strategy.

Paul Teshima @ Wealthsimple on Startups that ‘Fail’, Rocket Ship Growth & Building Happy Teams

We’re so excited to share this week’s episode of Dig In where we chat to Paul Teshima, the Chief Client Experience Officer at Wealthsimple. In his role, Paul leads the client success, operations, portfolio management and Work teams. And he’s got a crazy cool background, previously co-founder and CEO at Nudge (acquired by Affinity in 2020) and a founding team member at Eloqua, which grew from $0 to over $100 million in revenue, IPO-ed, and was acquired by Oracle for a cool $957 million.

Will @ Customers Who Click on Optimizing Conversion Rates, The Power of User Interviews, and DTC Trends

Will works in conversion rate optimization (CRO) for some well-known DTC brands, and having him on the podcast this week was fascinating. If you’ve ever wondered how you can optimize your website to drive more conversions (and bring in more sales!) this episode is for you.

Ruth at Simply Roasted on the ‘Better for You’ Category, Leading with Taste, and Crisps

This week, Meagan got chatting to Ruth Fittock, the Marketing Director at Simply Roasted Crisps. Ruth joined Simply Roasted after a decade in crisps/chips marketing at the likes of Pop Chips...so she’s got a whole host of knowledge to share about how to do marketing well within the ‘better for you’ category.

Adam Jacobs on Macro-economic Trends in Canada, Reimagining the Office, and Innovation

In his role as Head of Canada Research at Cushman & Wakefield, Adam Jacobs explores trends in commercial real estate by leveraging research. That is to say that he knows * a lot * about the economy and how things might change and shift in the next little while.

Adam Faulkner on The Power of Sonic Branding, Jingle Comebacks & Entrepreneurship

Adam Faulkner is a pretty interesting guy; whether it’s his background as a creative at agencies, his biketrip from London to Tokyo, or the seemingly endless catalogue of music references he can speak to at the drop of a hat. This week, we brought him onto Dig In to talk about his company, CreativeAF, and the power of sonic branding. CreativeAF builds music videos for brands of all shapes and sizes, like Amnesty International and Sipsmith’s Gin.

Hilton Barbour on Empathy in Remote Working, Aligning Strategy & Corporate Culture, and The Great Resignation

Hilton Barbour, seasoned marketer and perhaps the most eloquent guy we’ve ever spoken to, is back for our first episode of Dig In in 2022. This 30-minute episode is a transparent and honest look at what positive corporate culture should mean for today’s workforce.

Ajit Ghuman on Pricing Strategy, the GBB Model & Free Trials

Ajit Ghuman is the author of bestselling book, Price to Scale, and currently leads Product Marketing at Narvar. We brought him on to pick his brain on how technology companies should approach building their SaaS pricing. It's a fascinating episode.

Sam @ goodmorning.com on 'Peak Mattress', DTC Differentiation & Educated Guesses

We chat to Sam Prochazka, Founder of goodmorning.com, about what it's like to run a DTC mattress company, how he approaches understanding his customer personas, goodmorning.com's multi-brand strategy, and what being an entrepreneur means to him.

Eric @ Interac on Blurred Lines in Payments

We invited one of our briliant clients Eric Chue, Director of Research & Industry Insights at Interac, onto the podcast this week to learn about it all. We chat changes in shopper behaviour, how to merge transactional and human insights, and ultimately how to succeed in an industry that's so heavily impacted by adjacent industries.

Founder's Spotlight: Anie @ The Unscented Company

This episode of Dig In is a beauty. Anie Rouleau's founder's story is particularly compelling because she knew what her mission was before she knew how she'd make it happen. Fast forward 10 years and she's built one of the fastest growing businesses in the country, as recognized by the Globe & Mail's Report on Business.

Founder's Spotlight: Mark @ Peak

In this week's Founder's Spotlight, Ian sat down with Mark Baltazar, the Co-Founder of Peak MultiFamily Investments. Mark will speak about the opportunity he couldn't pass up in real estate, how his background in research and brand strategy has helped him build his brand, the surprisingly limited impact of Covid-19 on his business, and more.

Adam Coffey Debunks Common Myths of Private Equity

Adam is a President and CEO, board member, best-selling author, and Forbes Business Council member. Through his experience executing a buy-and-build strategy, he has bought and sold more than 100 companies ranging in size from $1M to $1B. Not to mention his private equity cult classics - both of which are #1 Amazon Best Sellers. In this week's episode of Dig In, Ian sits down with Adam to demystify common stories around private equity, connecting these myths to the insights industry at large.

Founder's Spotlight: Marnie @ Thigh Society

We love to spotlight customer-obsessed founders doing something different in their industry. In this month's Founder's Spotlight, Meagan sat down with Marnie this week to chat all things building a business. Tune in to learn: - How Marnie bootstrapped the business - Where the vision behind Thigh Society came from - How she leveraged industry forums to validate her business qualitatively - The thoughtful fabric and manufacturing choices that make the products unique (and durable!) - The issue with shape wear marketing today, and how TS is doing it differently - Where the brand hopes to go next

Risa @ Tyson Foods on Why Researchers Should Be Strategists

Risa Duesing is the VP of Consumer Insights, Analytics, and Sensory at Tyson Foods. She's spent the last couple of decades developing a deep understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviour, alongside marketplace trends, to build consumer-relevant brands. Tune in to this discussion to learn the ways in which Risa fosters out-of-the-box and story-driven thinking in her team members, how she's attempting to 'predict' the future for her customer, in a world that's entirely unpredictable, and more.

Founder's Spotlight: John @ Civil Pours

John, Co-Founder of Civil Pours, is back again to update us on his entrepreneurial journey. Tune in to learn how he's leveraging Upsiide to build a strong business case for distributors, how they're leveraging the Civil Liberties brand in their new venture, the way he and his partner are differentiating amongst a crowded market, and more.

Clodagh @ Coca-Cola on Creativity in Innovation Research

Clodagh has spent 23 years at Coca-Cola working in innovation and research in the USA, South Africa, and Japan (to name a few places!). Tune in to this discussion to learn how her experience in innovation makes her a better researcher, why she loves out-of-the-box solutions to classic business problems, and more.

Mike @ InsightPlatforms on Industry News & Acquisitions

Our CEO Paul sits down with Mike Stevens, Founder of InsightPlatforms, to chat about what's going at Ipsos right now (did you read the press release?), Pepsi's creation of PepViz, and the move towards prioritizing behavioural insights.

Walid @ Coca-Cola on Prioritizing Human Understanding for 2022

Walid Benchama, Global Director of Shopper & Channel Insights, sits down with Marcie Connan, EVP at Dig, to chat all things human insight. Tune in this week to learn what Walid's plans are for 2022, why Coke has rebranded their research function to 'human insights', the importance of observational research in a post-Covid world, and more. -

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